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Ramshorn Laurel

From infants to kinder readiness, we've got childcare covered..

We provide full-day childcare for children aged 0 to 5 years old. Our classes integrate age-appropriate play-based learning, fostering a love for learning as your child progresses.

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Susan Sholar

A word from the Director...

When I go to work each morning, it is like a breath of fresh air. No two days are the same. There are many fantastic surprises throughout each day. The opportunity to witness the daily changes and growth each child experiences is truly a blessing. The relationships that are developed amongst the children, families, and staff are meaningful and built on trust and respect. The Sunshine Family is one big team and we know that we have to work together and support each other to ensure we are providing quality learning and care.

-Susa, Director


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0-1 Years Old

Infant Full Day Childcare

Our infant sanctuary, is an extremely small class setting ensuring personalized care every moment of the day. Safety is our top priority, with strict protocols and vigilant staff members ensuring your baby's well-being. Our nurturing environment fosters trust and security, laying the foundation for lifelong learning.

1-3 Years Old

Toddler Full Day Childcare

Our Toddler Classrooms emphasizes language, sensory stimulation and PLAY. Separating ages 1-2 and 2-3.

Our exceptional one-year-old program, is specially designed for our cherished one-year-olds! Prepare your little explorers for a world of joyful socialization and boundless play! In our nurturing environment, we prioritize the crucial foundations of early learning through exciting sensory experiences.

Our phenomenal two-year-old classroom introduces children to socialization.  This curriculum provides an introduction to basic concepts such as, taking turns, following simple directions, potty training, promoting independence and playing well with others.

3-4 Years Old

Preschool Full Day Childcare

 Our Preschool Classrooms can best be described as learning set in motion.  Each activity/learning center encompasses the philosophy of play with a purpose.  The students think they are playing – we know they are learning AND fostering a love of learning in the process!

*1/2 day programs are available at our downtown location. Enroll today!

4-5 Years Old

Pre-K Full Day Childcare

 Our Pre-K Classrooms reveal the strengths your child was born with and gets them ready for Kindergarten.  Through the combination of teacher lead and child lead activities, children emerge ready both academically and with the emotional maturity needed to take Kindergarten by storm.

 *1/2 day programs are available at our downtown location. Enroll today!


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