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We promise to provide high quality learning experiences for children in a safe, loving and consistent environment.
We promise to employ high quality staff who are committed to excellence.


We promise to serve as an advocate for children and families in our community.
Meet the Owners!

We are Sara and Greg Schreiner

Owners of The Sunshine Academy

Welcome to The Sunshine Academy!

The most important thing you need to know about Greg and I is that we are parents, just like you.  Yes, I have a degree in Early Childhood Development.  Yes, we both have more than 20 years’ experience in this field.  Yes, we love working with kids.  Yes, we are passionate about creating high quality teaching opportunities for the community.  But, when it truly boils down to it – what makes us great at what we do is that we understand exactly what it means to be a parent.  Teething, potty-training, terrible-twos, potty-training, “threenagers,” potty-training, picky eating, potty-training… we have survived them all (well, mostly).

We have three core values upon which our program is founded: Integrity, Family, and Future.  We believe by hiring Early Childhood Professionals who encompass these values, we are able to provide families with support and children with engaged quality experiences.  In addition to encompassing these values over half of our teachers are parents whose children have attended our facility.  Parenting is hard work and we believe one of the best ways to support our families is to surround them with fellow parents who “get it.”

I want to thank you for your interest in our program and welcome you into the Sunshine Family!  We look forward to partnering with you and giving your child a “brighter future.”

Sara and Greg Schreiner


We believe each child is uniquely prepared, eager to learn and full of potential. It is our mission to partner with parents to provide a safe environment which fosters adventure, exploration and nurtures the desire and ability to learn.

We consider four elements the foundation of quality early childhood experiences;

(1) teachers who guide and partner with children in the learning process,

(2) curriculum which allows children’s natural curiosity to direct learning,

(3) supporting positive self-image, and

(4) facilitation of the ability to form and sustain healthy relationships with others.

Our personalized curriculum emphasizes prosocial, life skills and character. Supported by the Montana Early Learning Standards, Frog Street (TM) Curriculum while encompassing Christian values, our program offers an ideal combination of hands-on learning and guided lessons that support growth while capitalizing on the interest of the children.

Your Child’s Health & Safety are Important to us!
Enjoy peace of mind knowing your child is happy and safe. We proudly provide:

– Full Facility Surveillance System
– Little to no screen time – over 95% of our day is spent in hands on learning activities 
– Highly qualified teaching staff – combined we have over 100 years’ experiencec in Early Childhood Education!
– We are all CPR/1st Aid Certified – no exceptions
– Biometric Sign In/Out system
– Nutritious Meals
– Nut Controlled Environment

Want to learn more about our programs?

See our classroom description by clicking on your location: 

All of our classrooms provide an individualized approach to learning which sparks curiosity, builds self-esteem and emphasizes Christian morals and values. 


Laurel - Downtown

1/2 day PreK, before and after school care, and summer adventure camp. 


Laurel - Ramshorn

Full day childcare serving ages 0-5.


Billings - Heights

Full day childcare serving ages 0-5, and before and after school program conveniently located at Shepherd Elementary.

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